Whitepaper - Strategic Planning

Creating a better strategic plan that aligns your board’s mission and vision with goals and outcomes


How effective is your organization’s strategic plan? Do your goals help drive progress toward your board’s mission and vision?

In this white paper, we help you answer these questions by measuring the effectiveness of your strategic plan and adjusting where needed. You will learn how to collaborate with your colleagues to:

  • Identify your organization’s internal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Establish your organization’s core requirements

We also walk you through how to use your findings to:

  • Create a clear mission and vision and then set relevant outcomes and goals
  • Adopt a governance framework to monitor accountability and monitor progress
  • Improve effectiveness with training and technologies

Ensure your organization is being smart and strategic in how it drives outcomes to achieve its mission and vision. Download our white paper today to learn more!

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