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Strategic planning made systematic

The NXTBoard platform enables boards to make strategic planning systematic. Board members can get a single view of strategic plans aligned with outcome goals, so that they can monitor progress and more effectively assess and evaluate their CEO.

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Using the NXTBoard platform, now boards and executive teams can:

  • Establish, publish and keep current the organization’s mission and vision.
  • Implement and use an accountability framework.
  • Demonstrate and benchmark progress towards goals.
  • Create monitoring reports and attach evidence.
  • Keep processes and policies current and properly implemented.
  • Support the recruitment, appointment and evaluation of the CEO.

Key features

Streamline processes

  • Provide the board with a simple, clearly organized framework to set S.M.A.R.T. goals and monitor outcomes.
  • Remove the silos of multiple systems for monitoring goals, board reporting and executive evaluation.

Goal management

  • Make it easy to collaborate around goals and outcomes by centralizing activity and making information available anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Encourage better adoption of goals by providing visibility into ownership and status of activity against the goals.

Improve reporting

  • Easily identify what goals and progress measures need to get attention at your next board meeting.
  • Create monitoring reports, attach evidence, create graphs, and share right from the platform.

Policy management

  • Become more effective at managing and monitoring policies against timelines through a centralized view of goals, their adoption and progress against them.
  • Make policies securely available to all—online and available to review anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Increase accountability

  • Provide the executive team with the ability to establish, adopt, monitor and report on objectives and progress with transparency and accountability.
  • Give all stakeholders clear insight into the role of the board and the time they value to focus on outcomes and results.

The NXTBoard Secure Board Portal Guarantee

The online board portal software is hosted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

NXTBoard has several mechanisms to protect users including:

  • Salted and hashed passwords
  • Protection against cross-site request forgery
  • Prepared SQL statements that prevent injection attacks

The NXTBoard platform also makes board management simple by centralizing content online so that board packets, agendas and minutes can be pulled together quickly and shared and updated in real time, eliminating unnecessary costs, paper and wrangling.

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