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Our team collectively are on over 40 boards! We are technology and governance experts and have participated on boards in both the public and private sectors, including team members who are elected school board members. So you see, we are building this product for ourselves.

Isaiah McPeak, Managing Director
Isaiah McPeak, Managing Director Isaiah has built divisions and businesses from the ground up, consulted for Fortune 10 companies as well as nonprofits and SMBs, and led product management and design for killer products. He has been the analyst and presenter at board meetings for a high-growth startup and he ran the board for a high-tech company where he was CEO. Isaiah is excited to build the continuous institutional knowledge power of NXTBoard so that boards spend less time catching up and more time ensuring outcomes.
Dr. Marcia McMahon, Governance Expert/Coach
Dr. Marcia McMahon, Governance Expert/Coach Marcia is a certified Lone Star Governance coach and monitor for the Texas Education Authority. She supports school boards in improving their practice to focus on what matters most: student outcomes. During her career, Marcia has been instrumental in the design, training, and implementation of school board and organizational leadership to promote adult behaviors that influence student outcomes. Prior to joining NXTBoard, she served in multiple positions from assistant superintendent, service center specialist, central office staff, principal and teacher.
Laurie Elliott, Governance Expert/Coach
Laurie Elliott, Governance Expert/Coach For nearly a decade Laurie has worked directly with leadership and school boards to promote positive change for increasing student outcomes. She is a certified Lone Star Governance coach and monitor for the Texas Education Agency and has held numerous positions in the field of education including as a teacher, counselor and principal.
Corey Masson, Governance Director/Business Development
Corey Masson, Governance Director/Business Development A self-confessed policy governance geek, Corey has been elected to and served on multiple boards during his career of 20 plus years in enterprise and municipal government. He has contributed to teams and committees as a Technology Director and has co-founded enterprise management companies, servicing over 200 municipal, healthcare, SMB, and government clients.
Daniel Berry, Director of Software
Daniel Berry, Director of Software At one point in life, Daniel Berry expected to go into law. The thing is, he believes in solving real problems more than working with their existing framework. And so he has been an activist in many settings, which led him to membership in 9 boards when he started working for NXTBoard. Daniel has led development teams since 2004 and is a proficient software architect. It's amazing to have someone leading software buildout who is so familiar with the real usage of the product in the field.
Jeff Allyn, Board Member
Jeff Allyn, Board Member An entrepreneurial executive and strategic innovator, Jeff has spent his career devising, launching, selling and marketing technologies that have helped transform organizations, making them more productive, more effective and more profitable. Prior to joining NXTBoard, Jeff held a wide-range of roles with start-up and mid-stage companies such as Locaid Technologies as well as enterprises including Syniverse and Verizon, where he collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure that all objectives were met and exceeded. Jeff has been an advisor to the boards of several early and mid-stage startups and has served as a board member for a number of enterprise organizations, including American Tea Room.
Graham Frey, Board Member
Graham Frey, Board Member A lifelong educational innovator and active board member, Graham's goal is to connect technology literacy, project-based learning and innovative educational concepts to produce a changed academic environment. Whether it be pioneering approaches to learning or developing innovative teaching tools, Graham’s level of expertise and ability to solve niche problems in education is of proven value.
Sahida "Sam" Smith, Customer Success Director
Sahida "Sam" Smith, Customer Success Director Sahida "Sam" Smith is the Customer Success Director for NXTBoard, responsible for all customer on-boarding and software implementation. Smith has over 25 years of experience in the wireline, wireless and networking arena, with a primary focus on sales management, account management and customer success. Previously she held numerous leadership positions with Verizon Enterprise Solutions, Verizon Wireless LOC-Aid Technologies and volunteered at Hi Hope Service Center. Smith has an honors degree from Indiana Wesleyan University with a B.S. in Business Management and minor in Computer Science.
Jason Fry, Front-End Software Developer
Jason Fry, Front-End Software Developer When Jason was young he wanted to be a professional pencil sharpener. Learning that wasn't actually a career he focused on art, design, and science. This turned into a passion for creating elegant, unique solutions for odd problems. He has experience working with large multinational companies to small startups, enabling them to deliver their visions and to empower their customers. Software development is more than just a hobby, it's a dedication that helps him express his creative and technical abilities. Jason believes technology should be a tool to better the lives of everyone.
Adam Bodnar, Senior Software Developer
Adam Bodnar, Senior Software Developer Adam was asked to write this bio, but instead he'd rather work on coding a board packet generator and changing the sort order of progress measures for NXTBoard. He has led teams and built applications from startups to Fortune 500's for over 20 years. He enjoys providing solutions that help make people's lives and jobs better.
Elijah Schow, UX Developer
Elijah Schow, UX Developer Elijah has been programming since age 12. He said "I was a weird kid" when asked to help with this bio. Fascinated by anything involving computers, he has a wide range of experience from refining beautiful, intuitive user interfaces to building web servers. His work has been clicked on or seen by millions of people around the world. He is highly motivated self-learner and genuinely enjoys conquering difficult problems.
Stephanie Valle, Product Manager
Stephanie Valle, Product Manager As part of the first graduating class of the Laredo Early College High School, to which she gives credit to as the foundation for adult success, Stephanie felt personally affected by the leadership of a school board. Stephanie says "I am passionate about the intersection between human behavior and technology. I have 6 years of experience in observing and understanding how products can serve customers to deliver impactful outcomes. My background in psychology helps me hone in on the underlying emotional needs of customers and build products that incorporate human motivation into technological solutions. My #1 goal as a product manager is to build products that customers love."
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NXTBoard also partners with a network of certified governance coaches and consultants nationwide, including the New Hampshire School Board Association (NHSBA), Brown Dog Consulting and Leadership ISD, who work with trustees and boards of directors in trade, industry and business groups; membership organizations; First Nations agencies; cultural, health and environmental organizations; educational institutions; foundations; and other corporations.

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